Thursday, October 28, 2010

Our Internet Marketing and Social Media Marketing Workshop was a Great Success!

A half day workshop on October 27th, 2010 organized by Midas Touch Consultants was a great success with professionals from variety of streams attending it.

Amongst the audience, we had CEO and marketing professionals of India’s leading antivirus software company, former MD of a well known software product engineering and quality engineering services organization, Owner of a usability services organization, Sales Consultants, Co-founder of an organization providing expert services in the area of software testing and quality engineering, Head of Strategy and Consulting from a Outsourced Enterprise Product Sales consulting organization, Head of Marketing of leading Thermal Insulation Material dealers, CEO of a public relations and communications company, Strategic Marketing Consultant, Event Head from an enthusiastic startup and also a student who is leaving for an overseas job soon.

The workshop covered various aspects in online marketing such as Website Optimization, Web Analytics, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. With lot of real-life examples, it made it easier for the attendees to understand the concepts.

The most enjoyable part of the workshop for me, as a presenter, was the very enthusiastic and participative audience. Through their questions and participation, they made sure that they understand whatever is being explained in the session. Not only this, they also asked lot of questions relevant to their own area of business. The collaborative learning gave good insights to everyone. The discussions revolved around how online marketing can be used for consumer products, how it can be applied for software products, services or to niche enterprise products and how social media can be used for enhancing personal brand.

For revision of concepts, we played a nice game (built using Harbinger’s YawnBuster software). The correct answers to the questions asked during the game convinced me that the audience has well grasped the concepts. Even post the afternoon break where we all relished on some yummy snacks, the participation levels were as high as before and there was absolute no lull – either the snacks were not tasty or the presenter engaged the audience with interesting discussion topics – and I would like to believe in the later one -:)

I felt especially good when one of the participants coming all the way from Mumbai mentioned that the workshop was worth her travel!

Thanks everyone for making it such a great event and for those who missed it, we look forward to see you next time!


  1. Great going Radha.
    Very sincere and simple methodology.
    Venue/Food and the contents choosen were just the right recipe to take us all thro.

    All the best to your next sessions as well.

  2. Nice and really educative session. Please continue to contribute through such sessions or online. Best wishes to you for making an ongoing impact to organizations/individuals that work with you.

  3. I sincerely feel that this session was really helpful and the learnings to be put into actionable form for my organization's social media strategy.

    Should I need any help on it then I now know whom to reach- Midas Touch Consultants & of course you Radha. All the best.

  4. Thank you Tushar, Vishal and Manish. I am glad to know that you found this workshop useful. It was your active participation which made it better :-)

  5. Looking forward to the announcement of your next workshop :-)


  6. @Ashish: Sure. Will keep you posted on the same. I am planning the next one to be online. I have received quite a few emails from people in Delhi, Mumbai and Gujarat who could not make it for this one because of location constraint. I look forward to see you for the next one!

  7. Very clear, simple, well planned and managed programme. Full Value for money. Wish you all the best in your future endeavours.

  8. @Sunita: Thanks for your kind words and good wishes! I am glad you liked the workshop and found it useful!

  9. Radha,

    Please keep me posted on your next event. If it is in Pune, would like to attend it.

    Anu (POCC member)

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