Friday, February 15, 2013

Midas Touch Wins Best Social Media Agency Award

Midas Touch Consultants is pleased to share that it has won the Award for "Best Social Media Agency of the Year - 2013". The award is conferred by the Global Youth Marketing Forum.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank all our customers, partners, employees and well wishers for their support and good wishes!

It was a tremendous joy to personally receive the award on February 14, 2013 at Taj Lands End, Mumbai.

Here is the beautiful trophy and award citation.

Midas Touch Consultants - Best Social Media Agency - Award Trophy

Midas Touch Consultants - Best Social Media Agency - Citation

More details about  the Social Media Summit can be found at

Pictures from the award function are coming soon.....


  1. Congratulations Radha! Wish you many more (bigger) milestones and recognition.

  2. Thank you Vishal for your good wishes!

  3. Congratulations....!

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  6. Wow thats really impressive Radha. Hard work pays off in the end :-)

  7. Thanks Jason. Yes, it certainly does :)

  8. This is superb! A very well deserved one! Heartiest congratulations Radha!

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    I congratulate you on your success. I wish you have many big achievements waiting ahead.

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  10. Congrats Radha for your achievement. What do you know about email marketing solution, could you please tell me if they are successful?

  11. @Aaron: Thanks!

    I have seen quite good success with email marketing. Here is one of my old blog posts on ensuring email marketing success.