Friday, April 26, 2013

What Does YOUR Business Card Say About You?

When I started on my own around 2.5 years ago, a good friend and CEO of IDYeah Creations, Vishal Mehta, helped me with the design of the logo and the business card. At that time, the idea about the business was clear and it was also clear as to what is going to be the business offering.

My first business card looked like this

I started exchanging the card during business interactions or networking events and also started collecting business cards from the people I meet. My personal experience is that when someone hands over the card to me, while I am looking at the card, I am also listening to that person as to what exactly the business is. Many a times, it gets difficult to remember the exact context of conversation and follow up plan after a few days.

Then starts the Internet search based on the name of the person. Slowly the context starts building up as information unfolds on the internet, you start knowing the person more through social media channels and if you find a photo of that person on the internet, it becomes easy to connect a face with the business. 

Taking this thread in mind, Vishal came up with this new design for the card.

Front Side
Back Side

I simply love this ‘personal business card’ because:
  • I think this is an ideal card of a social media enthusiast – with information about all social media channels where I can be connected
  • It has all the details (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, My Blog Address, Website URL, Phone number, email address and also my company name) without too much clutter and too little text
  • Photo on the card helps in remembering
  • Notes section at the back of the card helps in taking points about conversation and note down the follow up plan
Now what’s the reason for me personally boasting about this card on my blog? Simply because I thought this example will help my blog readers in getting some pointers on their business card designs :- )

Thanks once again Vishal for this amazing, innovative and out-of-the box design!


  1. Radha mam Thank You for sharing this post about your business card . Your business card is really very beautiful. I really got a pointer for my business card in future . :)

  2. Awesome business card. And mentioning the social media icons have make your card so attractive. Like it.

  3. Innovative Card and a thought full article as usual of you.
    Such clarity of thoughts combined with well articulation makes a blog must read.

  4. Thank you @Manoj. Glad you enjoyed reading the article.