Saturday, June 4, 2011

Are you Socially Shy?

Over past many years, I am involved in social media marketing for quite a few well known brands. It started with some exploration, then learning while trying out new things and then getting phenomenal success through innovative campaigns.

Through my recent interactions with various organizations, especially small and medium size ones, I saw that business owners are convinced about the effect and use of social media but the problem starts when they start with the implementation. “Are you Socially Shy?” is a book for such business owners.

Of course the social media platforms are extremely easy to use and can get you started in no time. But to use them effectively, you really need to use these for few days, explore and understand – says the experience of Vishal Mehta, co-author of this eBook. Vishal, CEO of IDYeah Creations, has extensively used social media for his business.

That’s when we thought that we should create a consolidated resource which offers not only the basics of these platforms but also offers some practical tips on its usag. And the result is the eBoook “Are you Socially Shy?”

This book is for those who are looking to start with their social media efforts, who are looking for some proven tips of getting success with social media, want to know how others have used it successfully and learn from that.

Hope you enjoy the eBook. Your  feedback and comments are welcome at !

The book is available online at a humble price on LULU and IDYeah Store.


  1. This is really good Idea. Ofcourse, my experince in the last decade has been something similar.Infact the advent of online marketing it is still in nascent stage in India. I feel it maybe due to lack of exposure and awreness to understand "How to Socialise" on the Web and leverage the power of Online Social media for taking leap from small to big business, specially with limited budget.
    They say ignorance is bliss and so we remain in ignorance, unknown of the fact ignaorance is crime in competition. Like chess, one who makes the first move has the advantage.
    This is a great initiative for all those who would like to enlighten and take lead in business using Social Media.
    Great initiative Cheers....
    Manoj Vanjari

  2. Really its Very good article to read about social media. In order to get the most out of social media traffic we need to put some thought into choosing the social media mode.
    I think most of us would agree that quality traffic in social media is more important than quantity of traffic.


  3. @Shakti: Thanks, I am glad to know that you liked the article. I absolutely agree with you that you have to be where your audience is - no point in blindly 'creating presence' over any platform just because it is popular. You might also enjoy another article which I have written on Social Media ROI:

  4. defining terms and coining words can sometimes be unsermountably challenging and enjoying (meaning pleasuresome) at the same time... and being social and socially shy is exactly falls into the same category, wordwise...