Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cricket World Cup 2011 Advertising: Which One Caught Your Attention?

All the conversations these days are revolving around the Cricket World Cup. Many a times, I am a silent observer and few times an active participant in such conversations around who will win the match, who played better, how a catch should have been taken or how it was missed and so on. As a marketer, I heard many conversations as to which company is doing well in terms of its branding and promotion and which could have done better.

Surprisingly, as a consumer, I don't hear many conversions revolving around which brand has got some great deal, which is my preferred drink while watching the match, which watch will I wear this cricket season or which pizza I will order when India plays.

Although the consumers are not consciously taking any decisions about choosing any particular brand, companies are spending heftily on branding and advertising during this Cricket season. Because these ads and campaigns are unconsciously playing a very important role in making the consumers choose a particular brand.

Companies now are choosing multiple options like TV channels, websites, social media, SMS, email, videos etc to reach out to consumers. But, in this clutter, it has become harder to get the required attention and mindset of consumer. It is no surprise that brands are coming up with innovative and catchy ways for making their presence felt.

As a consumer, following few campaigns caught my attention:
  1. Amul: Amul butter has tied up with Netherlands team. The Dutch team is sporting Amul logos on their jerseys. “Why not India team”, because “It is not available” comes the response from Amul. This is being treated as a very smart move by Amul because it has already generated a lot of buzz!
  2. LG Mobile: LG has set up a ‘LG mobile army’ where it is recruiting 2,500 cadets from 38 cities to cheer inside stadiums.
  3. Lays Flavor World Cup 2011: I liked the way Lays generated the curiosity and buzz even ahead of the World Cup and slowly unveiled its six new flavors. It won’t be a surprise to see Lay’s revenue going up with these ads
  4. Brands on Social Media: Many brands such as Pizza Hut, Adidas, Smith and Jones, KFC are promoting deals through social media channels including Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. Good use of social media I would say.
Are there any campaigns which caught your attention as a consumer?


  1. Pepsi Ad: Change the Game campaign, with cricket stars is really catchy.

  2. @Dipti: Ya, I agree. That has got quite catchy videos!

  3. So far I was thinking that only good marketing campaigns will lead to high brand recall but I was proved wrong. I am forced to watch 'loo break - Parryware' ad during every commercial breaks as I don't like to switch channel for 15 sec break. Now, there is nothing worth watching in it but still the brand recall is SO high. The timing is right but rest all is very bad. Does it fit in your list of world cup commercials?

  4. @Mandar: Well Mandar I think it does fit into the category of high recall ads. At least they have managed the right timing :)

  5. I like the vodafone 3G zuzu ads which exclusively do not deal with cricket related stuff.