Saturday, July 10, 2010

Are you confusing advertising with marketing?

"I have decided to do a banner ad and email advertising for my product. Does this not mean that I am doing marketing?"

Well, the answer is yes and no. Yes because advertising certainly is one important part of marketing but marketing is not restricted to only advertising.

Marketing involves much more than just ad planning. It involves additional things such as:
  • Strategizing
  • Planning
  • Deciding advertising media
  • Understanding the target user and target market
  • Product pricing and positioning
  • Forming a perception about your brand in the minds of people
  • Planning distribution
  • Forming customer community and customer support– very important because customers play a very important role in your business success
In short, whatever it takes to form a relation and communucation between the consumer of your products and services and your business.

We can say that marketing is a process of reaching out to the target user whereas advertising is description or presentation of product or service.

It is therefore important that businesses, especially small and medium size organizations, make balanced use of marketing and advertising for successfully taking their products and services to the market. By concentrating only on advertising, there are chances that you are missing on a large chunk of effective marketing which could potentially hurt the business.

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